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• All of our cars are non-smoking! Cleaning interior orreplacement of the burnt parts at your expense!
• The customer has no right to enter the territory of a rental carthe following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia.


• Obligatory condition of renting a car is a security deposit that is locked in a bank account or paid in cash. Security deposit of 200 euros or the equivalent in foreign currency received by us.

• The deposit will be refunded immediately after the end of the lease and return the leased property.

• Deposit guarantee the preservation of the leased property. If it is not returned, or returned from injury, or the level of fuel in the car when you return less than the transfer, the amount required to cover the costs will be deducted from the deposit. If the bail amount is not enough to pay for the cost, the customer agrees to pay the difference. 

• Rent is defined in the "schedule of prices." Payment for all services is the down payment in the amount of 100%. The cost of services includes VAT 20%;

• We accept card payments through a terminal or currency in cash upon signing the lease the car;

• Payment by credit card is also possible on our website via PayPal, see here: http://www.paypal.com/ru or http://www.vxzone.com/paypal-faq.htm

• We accept: U.S. Dollars, Euros, Czech koruna, the Russian ruble.

Transfer Vehicle

• To rent a car in Prague signed a contract and acceptance report that records mileage, fuel level, and visible damage to the vehicle at the time of transfer.

• The vehicle is delivered to the working hours from 9.00 to 19.00. Delivery of the car to Prague and Prague-free;

 • Cost of hours 20 euros. At night, from 22.00 to 8.00, EUR 40;

Car return

• The vehicle is returned to the place and in time ukazannyye in the lease;

• In case of delayed return of the vehicle by more than 30 min., The customer agrees to pay us 12 euros for each started hour;

• In case of delayed return of the vehicle by more than two hours, the customer agrees to pay additional day of the lease;

• The cost for returning the vehicle in a location other than the location specified in the lease is calculated 2 euros for 1 mile;

• The customer is obliged to return the car with the same level of fuel in the tank, with which it has received from the company. If the fuel level in the tank car is less than specified in the act of transfer, the customer pays the cost of the missing fuel.

 • When you return the car by signing acceptance report that records mileage, fuel, damage and missing accessories at the time of car return. Signed by both sides acceptance report confirms that the day and hour specified in the protocol the client sent, and the company took the car.

 • If the client is not available when you return the car, or for any other reason does not sign the certificate of acceptance-transfer of the car, instead of a client certificate signed by any third party. The client agrees to assume full responsibility for the safety of the leased property and to pay the costs of possible damages to the rented car, the lack of, or damage to the leased equipment, lack of fuel.

Insurance and Indemnification

• The cost of renting a car is a comprehensive insurance, which includes: comprehensive car insurance (similar to Hull), with a minimum of personal financial responsibility by 5000 CZK (franchise)
• The customer is personally liable only for the damage caused by his fault. 


Customer shall reimburse the company the loss in full if:

• Drive the influence of alcohol or drugs

• Damage caused by improper use of the vehicle (the wrong switch the gearbox, engine overheating, misfolded and securing luggage, refueling the wrong type of fuel, damage to the vehicle interior elements, etc.)

• The vehicle driven by a person not mentioned in the contract car hire

• The vehicle has been used in competitions, driver education, to tow other vehicles, as well as for transportation as taxi

• The client did not report a traffic accident or car theft to the police and signed a police report

• violate the conditions of the lease

In all these cases, the client pays all of the costs associated with the incident, including the loss of profit for the period necessary for car repair
• Within three months after the return of the vehicle by the client, in the case of additional costs incurred through the fault of the Customer (eg, financial claims of third parties or fines traffic police), the Company shall send to the contact e-mail or e-mail client, specified in the contract, a copy of the relevant documents and email with details to pay for these costs.

We remind you
that if you do not pay for these expenses, you have a problem and then get a visa to any country in the Schengen zone and the EU! Information on all of the debtor that their existing fines if they violate the law, the police entered into a database of persons who visited Schengen countries and the EU!
Termination of the lease

 • The customer has the right to terminate the lease unilaterally, warning the company by letter, phone or e-mail at least 24 hours prior to the date of termination. In case of early termination of the contract, the company will recalculate the rent, based on the actual duration of the lease and is rounded to full days upwards, according to the "price list";
 • The Company may terminate the lease unilaterally and demand the return of the vehicle in the event that happens gross breach of contract by the customer.

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