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Read the terms of rental cars in Prague

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     Car rental provided to person who has attained 21 years of age, with a minimum 2 years driving experience.

For a contract car hire in Prague to submit:

• proof of identity (passport)
 • valid driver's license
 • pledge of EUR 200

   In the case of driving multiple drivers, their data are also required in the lease.

   Reservation and payment:

1. To rent a car Fill out the reservation form on our website, or contact us by phone
 2. To confirm the booking with you by phone or e-mail our manager will
 3. After receiving confirmation from our manager, you can pay by the following ways:

- Through the Internet system PayPal
- Credit card in signing
- In cash

4. Payment is made online on our website via PayPal, see here: http://www.paypal.com/ru

5. Payment is accepted in cash: USD, EUR, CZK, Russian rubles
 6. The Client shall pay the fuel for glass washer fluid, installation and repair of tires, car washes, parking fines police

7. Deposit for the rental car (200 euros) is paid at the contract of a separate receipt and returned to you in full under the terms of the lease car!

The cost of car rental includes:

• Travel with unlimited mileage
 • comprehensive insurance in the Czech Republic and the EU (insurance, "car rental" for foreigners with the personal participation of 5% but not less than 5000 CZK (200evro)
 • coupon payment driving on motorways
 • delivery of the car at the airport or anywhere in Prague

• Navigator and child seat, a summary of the features of drive in the Czech Republic and some European countries
 • VAT 21%.

The cost of renting a car is not included:

• expenses in case of emergency, for reasons of driving under alcoholic, toxic or drug intoxication
 • payment of fines
 • Fuel
 • repair the car in case of using the wrong fuel
 • repair the car in case of vandalism parts and upholstery Interior
 • harm to the tires and the car tire services
 • Car Wash