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     You are in Prague, and it does not matter, the business is a trip, vacation or just combine business with pleasure. You want to be independent and free in his movements? We know what you need to do - to rent a car in Prague ... Why do we have?    All rental cars in our fleet in good condition and fully equipped according to European standards. We serve only licensed garages! 90% of our fleet in Prague - new cars built in 2012!

And yet, our prices for car hire in Prague - FINAL!

We have no hidden fees and "zhlobstva" - Navigator, child seats, all the VAT included in the price of car rental in Prague, you see!

                                                           What we offer
Not expensive car hire in Prague
New car rental in Prague
Hourly car rental
There are no hidden fees and reservations
Paid for all road tolls
Car hire with full insurance in the Czech Republic and Europe
Navigator and child seats - for free
There is no mileage limitation
Car delivery at Prague airport or any place in Prague
Individual guided tours of the Czech Republic and Europe
Individual driver to travel to the Czech Republic and Europe
Bike rental, in addition to the rental car

What is included in the rent a car in Prague

Payment for road
Full car insurance in the Czech Republic and Europe
Unlimited mileage
VAT 20%
SIM-card number with the Czech
Delivery or collection in Prague
Delivery of the car at the airport in Prague (Ruzine)
Child seat
Full tank of fuel
Clean, technically efficient car!
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What you can order and pay for an additional

return car at the airport in Prague - 20 euros (shipping free)
Transfer from the airport or hotel in any city of Prague EU
driver service - 10 euros per hour, minimum of 2:00
personal guide to the Czech Republic and the EU
WI-FI - cheap (!) Internet is always with you in the rental car!


How to rent a car in our company

1. Select a car

2. Book a car in Prague, you can:


 on-line on the website 

 send SMS call by phone or skype

3. To sign the contract in the office of the Company or in the transmission machine

4. Pay cashcredit cardthrough PayPal
5. Return the rental car as we passed it on to you! Thank you.


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